Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is just one of those holidays that you don't know whether to hate it or embrace it. Personally I can do with or without it.. I don't feel like men should have to waste money on dumb cheap little things that these stores put out for this "holiday". You know what things I am talking about.. The chocolates that taste bad, the stuffed animals that feel more like cardboard then an actual stuffed animal, and things that just fall apart the minute you touch them. These are things that after a week or so get thrown into your closet or thrown away cause of no need for them.. I feel like men should not be forced to show their love on this one day. Valentines day is a day that "women" have made a big deal out of that should just be something sweet not something that stresses guys out on trying to buy the perfect gift for their lady. I am not trying to be a valentines day downer cause I do enjoy this holiday, I just don't believe girls should make as big of deal of it as they do.

Every year for Valentines day I stress myself over having it be a perfect day.. But as I was laying down to sleep last night these thoughts ran through my head... My day consisted of working a full day (not romantic), then having a wonderful dinner with Andrews family, which resulted in me getting sick, beautiful pink roses, and a flames victory.. Even though it wasn't this romantic date, and I was laying on the couch feeling nauseous the whole night, it was real life and in life every piece of the puzzle doesn't always have to fit. Before I started thinking about my day I thought I had ruined the day because of me getting sick.. but it didn't ruin it.. it just made it real life!

So next time you start pressuring your guy to get you the perfect present or the most perfect most romantic night of your life, just remember he already has enough pressure with life and so do you. Its not the end of the world if everything is perfect. Its way more meaningful for your guy to show you he cares on every other day then Valentines day.. :)